François Nouvion


François Nouvion is an attorney admitted to the Paris and Barcelona Bar. He is a graduate of the Université de Paris Law School, Assas, with a Business Law degree.


He has practiced since 2001 in the Arthur Andersen and Deloitte firms, in France and Africa, and created the Cabinet Nouvion in August 2010.

He speaks French, English and Spanish.


He is an active member of the Fiscal Advisory Attorneys Institute (Institut des Avocats Conseils Fiscaux - IACF) and the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).


He has published numerous articles and has been a moderator in different seminars. His last publications and seminars 2017/2018 are:

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Sources are highly satisfied with his expertise and report that "he has a really good understanding and in-depth knowledge of the local rules" and "gives us good support on difficult cases."
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Margaux Letac


Margaux Letac is an attorney admitted to the Paris Bar. She is a graduate of the University Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne with Master's degree in Tax Law, and with a Master's degree in Public Law. She also graduated from Renmin University (Beijing, People's Republic of China) with a L.L.M in Chinese Law.


Before joining Cabinet Nouvion, Margaux has worked as a tax lawer at TAJ (Law firm, member of Deloitte) and completed several internships in law firms specialized in tax law and in companies such as L'Oréal.


Margaux is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Lyès Kaci


Lyès is an attorney admitted to the Paris. He is a graduate of the University Paris-Sorbonne with Master's degrees in Tax Law and Business Law.


He joined the firm in 2020 and works mainly on tax and corporate law issues


Lyes speaks French and English.


Cabinet Nouvion team's works in close cooperation with correspondent firms in more than thirty countries. These relationships have been established over many years of close collaboration.

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